Welcome to Another Way — Another Chance.

Our organization is dedicated to guiding young men ages 12 to 17 years old through the critical passage of youth to manhood, employing AWAC’s dynamic mentoring and life-skills development programs.

Another Way — Another Chances engages in strategic partnerships with community organizations throughout the Southeast region, as well as in relationships with committed adult male mentors to provide inspirational, motivational, and educational experiences that help young men set positive goals and grow confidently into their best selves. AWAC participants learn about:

• Positive decision making         • Self-regulation

• Building self confidence           • Respect for self and others

• Social skills and graces          • Community service

• Intellectual growth                 • Powerful careers and career paths

image3Young men today confront an array of dangerous influences and temptations—from gangs, drugs, and the accessibility of Internet pornography, to low expectations and lack of adult supervision and guidance. Another Way — Another Chance offers our impressionable youth a stimulating, six-week experience as well as customized programs that promote their safe passage to responsible and productive adulthood.

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Another Way Another Chance is a Member Organization of “My Brother’s Keeper”*

* President Barack Obama’s National Mentor Initiative